Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are You Ready???

That headline sounds like this is going to be a diatribe about "Degeneration X", but I don't think Triple H or Shawn Michaels will have anything to do with this---with the exception of I've got two words for you Calgary. You know the rest if you are a wrestling fan. In all seriousness though, are you ready? I mean ARE YOU READY?.

It will be an absolute madhouse tonight at Mosaic Stadium as the Riders and Stampeders finish off the regular season with a winner takes first place in the West showdown. Both of these teams know what's at stake and when you think about it, perhaps Calgary wants this one just a little more because they know a win today and they won't have to go on the road again. However, make no doubt about it, the home boys want to see this 33 year first place drought come to an end and so does the 13th man. It is going to be a battle out there. If you're not going, you will miss what will be a raucous atmosphere, but I'm sure you will be catching it on TSN or hanging on every word that Rod and Carm have.

Another reason why neither team wants to lose tonight may be because the Edmonton Eskimos sent a message last night. Everyone I talked to thought B.C wouldn't have any problems beating Edmonton at home, but in the words of ESPN's Chris Berman "That's why you play the game." Arkee Whitlock and the Eskimos ran roughshod over B.C beating them, I'm sorry...crushing them 45-13 to finish 3rd. Calgary and Saskatchewan have both had their problems stopping the run so both know they will have some work to do in preparing for the Eskimos. As for Wally's crew, they are in tough. They have to wait until Sunday and hope Hamilton beats Winnipeg. If that happens, the Bombers are out and the Lions head to Ivor Wynne. If that happens, who quarterbacks the Lions? Casey Printers went out with what I thought heard Glen Suitor say was a suspected broken thumb, Buck Pierce re-injured his shoulder meaning 5th stringer Zac Champion was called upon. That would be like saying Graham Harrell or Cole Bergquist gets playing time here. If B.C gets in, it will be interesting to see who gets the call out of the bullpen. Does anyone know where Roy Dewalt is?
Getting back to the Rider game, you may have read on Rod's blog where I jokingly suggested to him since it was so nice that the Stamps and Riders should just play Friday afternoon. I told him that if word got to all the media outlets that they were going to play at 4, it would be an absolute gongshow in Regina. However, Rod and I both agreed that it would still be sold out-----and it would have been. If there was a way to ever do that, (and I know there's none) I just think I would want to sit back and watch it all unfold as people spilled in from all over.

Many on this blog and others have said they have grown so tired of Brent Parker that they don't want to spend their money on the Pats anymore. This despite the fact that the WHL's best player calls Regina home. To those who did something else Friday night, you missed a damn good hockey game and while he was at his usual level of brilliance, it wasn't the Jordan Eberle show. The Pats beat the Saskatoon Blades 4-3 in a shootout in a game they trailed 3-1 late before Jason Gardiner scored a pair in a 73 second stretch to tie it. While it looked like the Pats lacked a sense of urgency on this night until the final 10 minutes, they hung around and struck at a key time. It was a great game! It was a game that should draw people back to the Dome for others perhaps as early as Sunday when P-A visits. This team may not have the overall talent of a Brandon or a Calgary, but when they play like they did last night, they are entertaining. Speaking of Eberle, his shootout goal was simply jaw-dropping. Edmonton hockey fans can't wait for this kid to show up and why not. He performs magic when the puck is on his stick. As someone told me last nite, he won't be on the Olympic team in 2010, but he will be in 2014 if the NHL is still involved.


What do you think of the picture of the new proposed stadium?
I LOVE IT! Driving down Dewdney Avenue last night, its hard to imagine that someday in the near future there could be a brand new facility sitting there. Talk about downtown revitalization boys and girls. Its right there on the corner of Lancaster Road and Reed Avenue.
Speaking of new stadiums, it would appear as if Ivor Wynne Stadium is in its last years. Toronto is getting the 2015 Pan Am Games and word is part of the bid means a new facility for the Ti-Cats, but some work apparently has to be done. As it stands now, Hamilton will get a 15-thousand seat facility that will be used for track and field at the games. Ti-Cats president Scott Mitchell says that stadium will have to be expanded to at least 25 thousand at a cost of 50 million. He doesn't know where that money would come from. I'm thinking it will be found somehow. I have never been to Ivor Wynne, but it looks like another version of Mosaic. An aging stadium right in the middle of a neighbourhood and one that one could argue is an eyesore. Am I right with that evaluation?
I almost forgot. Its the Rams and the Huskies today in a Canada West football semi-final. After all the goings-on in the conference this week, can you imagine the fallout should the Rams win? I thought that game might be on Access today but its not.'ll have to check out Michael Ball doing the game on 620 CKRM starting at 1.
It doesn't appear as if I won any money on the Lotto Max draw last night. I was even willing to take one of the subsidiary one million dollar prizes. SIGHHHHH!!!
The Youtube video isn't great, but womens soccer has apparently found the equivalent of Sean Avery. Take a look at this girl, who I will just refer to as someone that rhymes with my first name, and her "sportsmanlike" play on the pitch.

I'm guessing this girl calls the shot when out on a date. What a piece of work she is!! Maybe I should send her Dan Plaster's picture and number. NAHHHHH, I couldn't do that to Dan. However Lee Jones is another story!!!
Enjoy the Rider game. Behave yourself and don't leave until the end if there is even a slim chance of the Riders coming back. If they win, remember you have to leave the stadium at some point. If they lose, the sun is going to come up tomorrow. Just remember that!


Anonymous said...

GO RIDERS!! It is going to be insane in there today. A great day, the practice field will be alive. Lets hope its a rockin Saturday night in Regina.

Anonymous said...

That girl isn't bad enough for Lee Jones, but he would enjoy the punishment.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the Lions not make the playoffs would be great.
Ronnie's ghost will be watching from above tonight.