Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Costly Win---But A Win Nonetheless

I guess its the nature of some Rider fans, but there seemed to be a lot of people going into Saturday's game against Toronto thinking the Riders would fail. I don't know where that rationale came from, but it didn't happen.
The green and white had full control of the football game from the first possession as they beat the Argos 32-22.
Yeah, Toronto made it a one possession game in the 4th quarter and I'm sure many were biting their fingernails through their gloves, but Darian Durant came through for the 2nd straight game at the end. With the team needing points and the team needing to take some time off the clock, Durant engineered a 13 play, 79 yard drive that took almost six minutes off the clock leading to a Luca Congi field goal with 90 seconds to play basically ending any Toronto chance.
I don't know why there are some who still take a negative tone when it comes to Durant and I don't know what these people are expecting from their quarterback. I thought he arguably played his best game of the year(albeit Ken Miller thinks he did that in Calgary and who am I to argue with the head coach) even though his final numbers didn't show a 400 yard performance.

The win was costly though because Weston Dressler was hurt in that final drive. WD7 caught a big 2nd down pass but then landed awkwardly on his ankle and had to be helped back to the locker-room. The team is calling it a severely sprained ankle. Miller feels the best possible scenario is he will be back in two weeks, but he can't make any definite statements for a while until Dressler has the ankle examined. Miller says its a big win, but a huge loss. He's bang on with that statement.

Did I really see the refs change the placement of the ball on a 3rd down gamble? When is the last time that happened. Was it the 07 Grey Cup when Kerry Joseph was awarded the first down after they thought Winnipeg had stopped him. I didn't see the replay, but it must have clearly shown Steven Jyles didn't get the first down. I don't know how the refs can see where the ball should be when the quarterback dives into the line. Oh well, I guess its a moot point now.

Can't wait for next weekend's game in Calgary. Can't wait to see if Montreal beats Calgary on Monday.
I guess I gave the kiss of death to the Cardinals. I believe I picked them to win the World Series and they are the first team that's out. The Dodgers complete the three game sweep with a 5-1 win. I thought they had the best 1-2 pitching combo in Carpenter and Wainwright and the best hitters in Pujols and Holliday. I guess not!
Time for another NFL Sunday. There is no frickin way Denver beats New England. Then again, I didn't think Denver would beat Dallas last weekend. The Giants could start Frank Gifford at quarterback and beat the Raiders(sorry Premier Wall). The best game of the day might be Atlanta against the 49ers. Too bad I won't watch that one as I'll be glued to the Seahawks-Jags game. God I hope Seattle does not coming out wearing those ugly green uniforms.
The Oilers beat the Habs. Funny, Montreal fans I know have sure gotten quiet after that 2-0 start. Is it just me or does 09-10 look like a disaster for the Leafs. How bout this for a statement....I say the Leafs can Ron Wilson by Christmas and replace him with Craig McTavish.
Did you catch the Ole Miss-Alabama game on CBS yesterday? Former NFL quarterback and current CBS analyst Steve Beuerlein must have mentioned Kent Austin at least 50 times during that game. He is obviously a huge Austin fan. Kent can't be smiling though as his prized quarterback Jevan Snead looked horrible in a big 23-3 loss to Alabama. Some thought Snead might have an outside shot at a Heisman Trophy this year. Uhhhhhh no!
Have a great Sunday. Don't o-d on turkey. Oh what the hell, go ahead!!!


Anonymous said...

Habs haven't played a single game at home Mitch you Oiler lovin homer. See ya at the Bell Centre ya loudrock.

Anonymous said...

No Dressler, no chance. The season ended with that play if he's done for the year and thats what I'm hearing. He is too important to this team and is arguably the MVP.


Anonymous said...

It was sad to see a versatile player like Dressler go down, but with that being said do you think they will actually use Clermont now? Or does LaPolice still have it out for him? That's a very odd situation, as what did Clermont do to piss him off?

Anonymous said...

No Dressler, no chance? Holy drama queen!

Anonymous said...

You think it was Durant's best game. there's no doubt it was Durant's best game. He took what Toronto gave him. He got rid of the ball instead of being sacked. I think there might have been one bad throw he tried to make, but in the end he delivered and thats what i want from my starting quarterback.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

I'm one of the people who is still suspect of Durant. His performance is like a yo-yo. I support him, but I'm waiting for him to PROgress with each series, NOT DIgress after a good series. Also, I'm wondering who is making the play calls? Darian is more effective when he is OUT of the pocket. In the pocket, he is a sitting duck.

Can anyone explain the logic of taking the wind in the THIRD, NOT FOURTH quarter?

Anonymous said...

I hope Dressler isn't out for long, but it didn't look good. Could this injury finally mean the return of Jason Clermont? What has he done to anger the coaching staff. They had Nicolson in there last night after WD got hurt. Nicolson?

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

I too was shocked when I saw #87 go in and not 82 after Dressler went down. What the hell is wrong with Lapolice? Let's use no name 87 while a damn good player stands around. I just wonder what goes threw Clermont's head? Poor guy he deserves way better than what the Riders are giving him.