Monday, October 19, 2009

Best and Worst Of The Weekend

Safe to say that all Rider fans that read this will say the best thing was the game itself which was a dandy and that the worst thing was the penalty on John Chick. With that being the case, lets change it up just a little. Take the Rider game out of the equation and tell me what the best thing and worst thing was when it came to sports this weekend.

Best--Seeing the Leafs continue to struggle the way they are and everyone just dissecting them and finding out its not getting better any time soon. I had a couple of Leaf fans tell me at the start of the year that Toronto would finish no lower than 6th in the East. I just don't see that happening.

Worst--The first quarter of the Seahawks-Cardinals game. On second thought, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th were not pleasurable either.

Comment away.


Anonymous said...

Best of the weekend was the entire cfl schedule. BC/Winnipeg, Montreal/Hamilton were great games along wtih the unmentionable game.

Worst of the weekend. The Jets/Bills game or the Titans defense in the game against the Pats. Both were erroneous and hard to stomach.


Anonymous said...

Best-Telling Bomber fans I know who were praising Bishop that he would return to Bishop of old---and he did!!

Worst-My kids hockey season ends before it really starts after he broke his foot in two spots sliding into the end boards.


Anonymous said...


Worst-Watching the Argos stumble their way through another one and wondering what might need to be done to make them competitive again. I feel bad for KJ


Anonymous said...

Best-Seeing the Yankees come back to win Game 2 of the ALCS thanks to A=Rod. Where are his critics now?

Worst-Joe Buck continuing to drone on about the bad weather. This just in Joe. Bad weather may hit the US Northeast in mid-October. Give it a rest!!

Weaver said...

Further to the Bomber references. When you start the game with Bishop, the scoreclock should read Bombers 0, Opponent 7. Just post it up at the start so that fans don't get to excited thinking that he be solid throughout the game as they will inevitably be dissappointed when he throws a pick for a TD. It's called being up front with the fans and adds credibility. :)

Anonymous said...

Its not a best-worst, but the funniest thing was the coach of that Jewish basketball team that wouldn't leave after getting tossed by the refs. Youtube it if you have to. The guy's a clown.