Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Hardly Knew Ya Joe!!!

The Saskatchewan talent on the Riders has decreased by one after this move....

Saskatchewan Roughrider head coach Ken Miller announced today the Roughriders have traded non-import offensive lineman Joe McGrath to the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for Edmonton’s first round selection in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft and a player off the Eskimo negotiation list.

"A few days ago, Joe approached us saying he was having a case of buyer’s remourse,” stated Miller. “He apologized profusely, but said, for a combination of personal and professional reasons; he wanted to return to the Eskimos. Obviously, this is not what we had envisioned when Joe accepted our offer in February; but, in football, as we do in life, we adapt and go forward." "Some might suggest we should have played hardball with Joe, but having an unhappy player in your locker room is not conducive to success. We have tremendous depth, and I believe in our men, and, also, in the goals we have set for this season. And, with this trade, combined with our previous deal with the Bombers, in which we could receive an additional first or second rounder, we are well positioned for future success, too. Based on how things unfold in Winnipeg this season, we could easily have three very early selections in next spring's Canadian College Draft."

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Anonymous said...

Did Joe come down with Scott Flory syndrome.