Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Thoughts

--Chris Pronger and the Philadelphia Flyers are a perfect fit. Don't you think he would have made a great Broad Street Bully??

--I don't care what anyone says, the Western Hockey League and Canadian major junior hockey is still the best route to get into the NHL, not the NC double A route.

--How did Calgary Hitmen forward Brandon Kozun last until the 6th round in the draft. The Kings may have gotten the steal of the draft.

--Am I in a time warp, what the hell is Dan Plaster doing back with Global Sports?? What's next, I'll tune in to CTV and see Dave Mitchell doing the late night run.

--When there is nothing on TV, all I have to do is look for the NFL Network. Especially on Sundays when they have NFL replay.

--Is there really a better meal than BBQ'ed steak, potatoes, corn on the cob and garlic bread???

--I want to see the Oilers trade for Josh Harding.

--Edmonton meets Winnipeg in Week 1 of the CFL season. Ricky Ray might break the CFL's one game record for most passing yards in this one.

--Aaron Hill sets the record for most HR's by a Toronto 2nd baseman. It begs the question---would you rather have Hill on your team or Robbie Alomar when he was in his prime.

--Does Vernon Wells ever come up with a clutch hit??

--How can a team with guys like Soriano, Lee, Harden and Zambrano suck as much as they do. There has to be a curse on the Cubs. There just has to be!

--Nothing against Johnny Quinn or Eric Morris, but I want Weston Dressler returning kicks for the Riders.

--Speaking of Quinn, he apparently has changed his number to 81. There is only one Rider who should wear 81 and that is Ray Elgaard. That number really needs to be the 9th one in Rider history to be retired.

--When can I start my campaign to have Corey Holmes put in the Plaza of Honor?

--I'm taking the Seahawks to win the NFC West again this year.

--Is the Michael Jackson story going to be as nasty as the Anna Nicole Smith story???

--Do we really need Lady Gaga??? Seriously!!!

--Whatever happened to Samantha Fox???

--They say celebrity deaths happen in three and we saw that this week with Ed MacMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Then Billy Mays has to go ruin it....maybe considering Mays' past, the extra death was FREEEEE!!!!! (Sorry, I do realize that may have been too early, but I had to pass it on)

--The North Dakota State Fair gets Motley Crue, Good Charlotte, Taylor Swift and Dierks Bentley for entertainment. Buffalo Days has Terri Clark, Thornley, Johnny Reid and MC Hammer. Its time for me to get a passport and head to Minot. SIGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

--I would love to see Steve Nash become a Toronto Raptor.


Anonymous said...

I hear you on Elgaard. Some guy had that jersey a couple of years ago and I said then it was wrong.

Are you tired of seeing Vernon ground out weakly to short or pop up with runners in scoring position?? HA HA!!!


Anonymous said...

Hands-down that the Minot fair beats Buffalo Days in all aspects. It just seems like its the same old, same old every year in Regina. I don't need to go to Minot to see Taylor though, I will see her in Craven.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

U didn't like flames shooting out of Lady Gaga's boobies during the MMVA's. CMON!!!

I don't know where Samantha Fox is either, but I bet you still know where Debbie Gibson is dont'cha!

Count this Flyer fan as someone who can't wait for Sid and Malkin to come over the blueline or get the puck in the corner when 44 is on the ice next year. This makes up for the Emery signing.

Trade Vernon Wells to the Cubs for Reed Johnson. OK we'll take Fuk his whatever name is too.

Later dude


Anonymous said...

Enough with the Elgaard number. It is available, it will be worn. What about 5, 80, etc... Move on.

Anonymous said...

Retiring Austin's 5??!! I don't think so. If he doesn't come back here to coach and do what he did in 07, he would still be vilified by many.
If you are going to retire a jersey, make it 81 followed by 71 and get ready to mothball 60 once Makowsky is done.


Mike from Vita said...

Yep it's time to retire Ray "Harley" Elgaard's jersey. Start a petition!!!