Sunday, May 17, 2009

There Is No Better Than Halladay

This guy is the best pitcher in baseball. There is no argument. Roy Halladay just gets the job done. "Doc" had a tough start against the Chicago White Sox giving up two in the first inning, but he settled down and was his normal brilliant self as Toronto beat the White Sox 8-2. Halladay is now 8-1 on the season---he is the first pitcher to hit the eight win mark and in all nine starts this season, he has reached the 7th. Once again, this guy is the best pitcher in the game. There was talk going into the season that Halladay would be trade bait as his contract runs out at the end of the 2010 season. There is no way the organization will let this guy get away. In fact, you can break the bank for someone of his calibre. As it stands right now, Halladay is helping this team stay in front in the American League East. With each passing day, they are making believers of people. Perhaps this team is ready to compete with the Red Sox, Rays and Yankees and this week's three game series in Boston will say a lot about the team, but one thing that can't be done is even considering a trade for him, unless of course its to the Cubs. Here's a question for you Blue Jays fans. Who has been the best pitcher this organization has seen---is it Halladay or Dave Stieb. Stieb was good, Stieb was damn good, but I don't think he was in the class of Halladay. One other thing when it comes to Halladay. Why is it we don't see this guy in any ad campaigns. He is Toronto's most marketable athlete and he is the best sports figure in Toronto today. Again, there is no argument. Chris Bosh...NO!! Any member of the Leafs---NO!!, Dwayne De Rosario---NO!! It is Halladay.
It was only one game, but the Detroit Red Wings taught the Chicago Blackhawks a thing or two in Game 1 of the Western Conference final. The Wings handily taking the opener 5-2. After going through a gruelling seven game series with Anaheim, the young Hawks had a chance here to take one from a Detroit team that may not have been ready to compete with the slick-skating Hawks but after a slow first 10 minutes, Detroit got their game back and when they did, it was all over.

I can't believe how many people are just giving the Eastern Conference final to the Penguins. Some think Sid, Geno and company will win in four straight. I say HUH??!! Cam Ward is once again proving himself, Paul Maurice is showing that once he is out of Toronto that he is a good coach, Eric Staal is showing why he is considered as one of the top players in the game and there are many, many players on that Hurricanes team that remembers the thrill of winning the Stanley Cup. I think this team finds a way to slow down the potent Pittsburgh offence and with Ward leading the way, they beat the Penguins.
The Windsor Spitfires went into the Memorial Cup as the favourites, but the Ontario champs are now 0-2 after losing 5-4 to the host Rimouski Oceanic. Windsor will need a better job from goalie Andrew Engelage. He's been rather Donald Choukalos like for Windsor. I apologize to all Pats fans for mentioning the name Donald Choukalos. He was to the Pats what Michael Bishop was to the Riders. OK you're right, Choukalos wasn't that bad!!! Tonight, Kelowna plays Drummondville--both teams won their opener.
How many of you went stateside this weekend??? The next time you go you had better have a passport. I can't believe that you now need a passport just to head to Minot for the weekend. STOO-PID!!!!! That being said, I guess I had better get one now then.
The final "24" is tonight. I have loved this season. Jack is dying. Jack can't die!!! He won't die!!! I don't know how he will survive the poison that is flowing through his body, but he will dammit because he is Jack Bauer!!!!
Besides being an excellent tour guide in Montreal, CTV Regina's J-C Garden is without a doubt the best dressed TV newsman out there. The competition isn't close.
I watched the movie "Taken". Lets just put it this way, if you have a choice between this one and another thriller go with the other one. I like the plot, but Liam Neeson's character doesn't really face any obstacles to get to his goal---it comes way too easy for him and once you see it if you do, you will see what I mean.
The 6-49 jackpot is $49 million this Wednesday. I may have to buy a couple of extra tickets.
If Winnipeg was to get their NHL team back, what would it do for TV? A friend of mine told me today the Flames and Oilers would not want to split their pie on Sportsnet. You would have to think Winnipeg would get a lot of games on Sportsnet West at the expense of Calgary and Edmonton. Would Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver also get their you know what in a knot when it came to not getting as many doubleheader games on HNIC. Hmmmm!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Roy Halladay reminds me so so much of Bert Byleven. He is dominating, but because of the team he plays for he will not pile up wins. This year is special, but in previous I've seen that bull pen blow upteen many games for him.