Thursday, May 14, 2009

Riders Making News/Game 7's

The Rider Nation is abuzz. Word on the street is the team has traded Kitwana Jones to the Edmonton Eskimos for what I'm told by people I know in Edmonton is quarterback Juan (I don't think he's related to Kerry)Joseph.
Whether or not there is more to this deal will come tomorrow when the deal gets officially announced.

Some are surprised and angered that the Riders would deal one of their most emotional players after losing Maurice Lloyd but I wonder if Lloyd would have been a starter. I think he would have been beat out on the D-line and having him as a linebacker covering guys out of the backfield would have scared me a little. Needless to say, there is unhappiness knowing a starter is not coming back as names like Jim Davis and Adam Braidwood had been mentioned. I would have been very surprised to see Braidwood come to Riderville. I guess this will give everyone something to talk about on the long weekend. I guess it also answers the question as to who the 4th quarterback at camp is going to be.

This news came down just a couple of hours after it was learned Wayne Smith was gone for the year with an achilles injury. It must have fans wondering if the battle with the injury bug is going to continue. I hope not. The depth this team has at offensive line is already being tested and camp hasn't started yet. Might this prompt a call to Mike Abou-Mechrek??

As for the Eskimos, they welcome one former Rider while shipping another one out. The Esks send Fred Perry to the Bombers for DB Kelly Malveaux.
To the NHL and that was more like it. After Washington and Pittsburgh failed to give us a Game 7 to remember, the Canes and Bruins more than filled the void. Cam Ward simply did it again. He made save after save after save when he had to and then Scott Walker beat Tim Thomas late in overtime meaning Carolina moves on to the East final against Pittsburgh. Don't bet against the Hurricanes. By the way, former coach Peter Laviolette has been working for TSN and I am big time impressed with his work. He has to be behind an NHL bench when next season starts. (Edmonton???)Can you imagine the coach that beat the Oilers in the Stanley Cup final coming there to coach them---that would indeed be interesting.

Daniel Cleary was the hero for the Wings as he scored late to give Detroit a 4-3 win over Anaheim and a date against Chicago in the Western final. The Ducks were irate with the winning goal saying Cleary should be guilty of goalie interference. Quit bitching Anaheim, Brad Watson gave you one with that inadvertent whistle---one that arguably got you to a Game 7. There was nothing wrong with the play either as Cleary was going for the puck.
The Memorial Cup starts tonight with the host Rimouski Oceanic taking on the Kelowna Rockets. I can't help but think of what happened last year when the tournament came to an end. Its one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Remember.....

When I saw that live, I just gasped and then laughed and laughed and laughed while rewinding it on the PVR. The look on the faces of the various Chiefs was priceless--which I guess is what you want at the MasterCard Memorial Cup. I remember speaking to Dustin Tokarski a couple of days after the win and he said he was just in shock seeing the trophy in three or four pieces. He added it didn't stop them from partying with the Cup. Captain Chris Bruton must have felt two inches tall when that happened. Sadly for Chris, that video will be played forever and ever.
While I doubt it will happen, the Houston Rockets are taking the Los Angeles Lakers to a 7th game in their 2nd round NBA playoff series. I think the Lakers will win that series but I would love to see Houston win it all on Sunday. GO ROCKETS!!! That's what I'll be saying when watching the Mem Cup too.
Its now official. The NFL has allowed the name change meaning when you watch the Cincinnati Bengals this season, you will no longer watch Chad Johnson but watch Chad OchoCinco. Excuse me while I puke!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Mem Cup video is too funny. I also laugh everytime I see it. I wish I would have seen it live. I had watched the game and then my brother phoned me to see if I had seen it. Bad on me for turning away.

What the hell are the Riders giving away Kit for. They could have gotten a lot more. Someone has some "splaining" to do.

I wonder how many had Det, Chi, Car, Pitts in their final four. Maybe Det and Pitts but Chi and Car??

Anonymous said...

Lemme get this straight. Rider fans bitched and moaned over the fact there was no pass rush last year. Kit was one of those guys who didn't get the job done and likely wouldn't have this year. In fact, he may have been cut at the end of camp. Richie likely realized this and wanted to give him a shot there. The same Richie who likely didn't want Fred Perry around knowing what he brings and sends him elsewhere. Now the bitching and moaning begins because Kit has been traded. You can't have it both ways. I had him as being trade bait since last year ended. He's not big enough to play rush end and he would be a disaster as a linebacker.
I would have liked to seen a draft pick or at worst a backup coming here but in the end this because Joseph will likely be a TC cut, but whatever.


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Yes, you probably are.

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Chalk one up for the Green Buddah!!!

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Good post Terry!!

Mitchell Blair said...

Who is the Green Buddah??