Monday, May 18, 2009

Do You Remember This Idiot??

I ran upon a story talking about celebrities botching the national anthem (American or Canadian) on this morning. Coming in at number 2 after the Roseanne Arnold "rendition" of the Star Spangled Banner in which she spit and grabbed her crotch is the guy that absolutely butchered O Canada before a Rider-Las Vegas Posse game in 1994. Do you remember this???

I was working in Peace River, Alberta at the time and had been golfing in a celebrity golf tournament in a nearby town called Fairview. I wanted to watch the football game so I left the clubhouse after the dinner and made the short trek to the hotel. I had time to have a shower before the game started and had just gotten out when this started. I started thinking to myself that this wasn't close to O'Canada but maybe just maybe I had one too many cold ones on the course and wasn't hearing right. Not until the next morning did I hear the backlash that had started. Seriously, how bad is this!!!!


Anonymous said...

Our anthem isn't called O'Canada.

Anonymous said...

That dude loks like Eric Bischoff of WWE fame.


Anonymous said...

I believe the anthem is called O Canada. At least according to this


Anonymous said...

i was actually at this game. I was getting some cold ones for me and the buds and I heard this and said WTF. Everyone in my section was just howling when I got back to the seats. When we got back to Regina on Monday, the manure had hit the fan. Didn't he come back and sing an anthem in Regina or was it another one in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia say he came to Hamilton 2 weeks later. I thought it was Toronto though.

He did get it right... or at least closer the second time.