Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Derkatch Done

Dale Derkatch became coach of the Regina Pats on July 23, 2008 and on May 5, 2009, he was released as coach of the hockey club. Terry Perkins was also let go as assistant coach. It was a very disappointing season for the Pats as a team that had many returnees and was expected to compete for first in the WHL's East instead missed the playoffs and had one of the worst records in the league. They finished at 27-39-1-5. Does this mean Curtis Hunt is on his way back to Regina or is someone else about to grab control of the reins(Dean Brockman, Marc Habscheid, Michael Dyck, Dean Chynoweth etc. etc). I feel sorry for Dale as I don't know if he was ever comfortable in the position having made the leap from the ranks of the Saskatchewan Midget Triple A League where he was coaching Notre Dame to major junior having taken the job at such a late date. Let the guessing game begin!!!


Anonymous said...

Should I be surprised at this! I think Dale was in over his head right from the start as well and should have come on as an assistant who could have been promoted. I see both you and Harder have mentioned Chynoweth's name. How can he be mentioned when the Broncs announced he would be back for his final year. Can that change??? I would endorse him because he might be able to work with Parker. I don't think Habscheid could. I don't know about Brockman and Dyck.


Anonymous said...

No more excuses!!! That sentence should have been uttered by Mr. Parker years ago. He has screwed this team so badly into the ground over the past umpteen years and now this. He has tarnished the legacy of perhaps the best ever Pat to wear the uniform. If Curtis Hunt comes back to coach, I will puke. It will show me that Brent never wanted Dale here in the first place and just used him as a stop-gap. If Habscheid comes here and they win next year which I doubt since Brandon will load up, everyone will ask why this wasn't happening last year. Parker is to blame for everything that has gone wrong here. I can't wait till he sells.


Anonymous said...

Derkatch was a bad hire. Parker made a mistake and he is admitting it. Lets hope he doesn't make a mistake with whoever he gets this time.


dv said...

Guess who's not done? Brett Favre.

Good Call Mitch.